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The national award-winning sport-for-change charity behind The Big Goal.

The Street Soccer Foundation

about us

Changing lives
Through Football

As an internationally recognised football-led charity, the mission of the Street Soccer Foundation is to bring the power of football into communities both nationally and internationally – to help inspire and empower vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people to create a socially-good global community of young lives who can improve their health and well-being, learn, and develop, and become more active and aspirational to be able to turn their lives around for the better.

Put simply, the Street Soccer Foundation exists to help others through the power of football, and we will continue striving to achieve as greater positive impact as possible through partnerships and collaborations to achieve our mission.

improving lives

Improved physical & Mental Health 98%
More positive & Hopeful 98%
more motivated to make positive change 96%

Our Flagship Programme

The Street Soccer Academy

A nationally acclaimed 10-week personal development programme providing a combination of Football Coaching; Mindset Training; and Skills Development Workshops.

The Workshops

Each week, participants in the Street Soccer Academy not only play football, but they learn a whole host of valuable skills in the classroom too…

The Street Soccer Academy

The national Street Soccer Academy programme is a personal development course for 18–30-year-olds and is the No.1 football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England.

Fundamentally, the programme looks to improve the mindset of participants, helping to identify employability areas of both capability and interest, and to develop key essential soft skills so individuals taking part will be ready, able, and willing to move into Work, Education or Further Training after successfully completing the Academy. Changing Lives Through Football.

“Change your mindset, change your future”

A Participant's Journey

Taster Session
The Opportunity, Journey & Expectations.

This is an initial invitation to join a football coaching (activation) session serving as an ice-breaker. Football is the initial engagement. The glue that unites the group.

Session 1
Mindset & Self-Belief.

The first official session looks to empower the group to realise it is their responsibility to commit to the process of personal development and improving their prospects. We challenge beliefs & seek to change habits.

Session 2
Goal Setting & Your Circle.

We help the young people to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP), establishing and committing to SMART Goals for developing a better self and journey pathway.

Session 3
Confidence & Positive Thinking.

We challenge the group to step out of their Comfort Zone to learn new skills and develop. We then move on to Positive Thinking – looking at the Growth v Fixed Mindset.

Session 4
Developing Pathways.

This session will encourage the group to share their goals and ambitions and what they would each ideally like to achieve. The aim is to determine career / job / work interests and aspirations and to set a plan to achieve a pathway beyond the programme.

Session 5
Mental Health & Self-Discipline.

In this session we drill down into the importance of our mental health, encouraging a discussion around the offered tips to enhance such. We also cover self-discipline as fundamental to enhancing personal development.

Session 6

The Academy group will learn how to develop and build their resilience and how specifically to develop a resilient mindset. We will discuss how resilience is linked with behaviour and how you respond to things is what forms who you are.

Session 7

CVs & Covering Letters. In this session we have a ‘light touch’ on employability offering tips for what makes a good CV and effective covering letter. We discuss with the Academy group how skills are for life and can be learnt and practised whatever we are doing.

Session 8

This session highlights the definition and purpose of an interview, and as part of the activities we conduct practice interviews with the Academy group, with teammates interviewing each other.

TBG Needs You
Session 9
Meet the Professionals.

In this penultimate session before the group graduate, we invite their sponsors to come and meet with the group providing the benefit of hearing and learning from professionals about how they got to where they are today. The meet and greet opportunity allows for discussions on career ambitions, and to learn about real-time work opportunities and how to apply to such, all to support the development and aspirations of all Academy participants.

Session 10

The final session is a celebration of achievement. A programme overview is offered with a re-cap of key learnings. Academy participants will discuss their experience and desired next steps. Additional Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) will be offered, and the session will include an awards presentation.

​Throughout each week, workshop sessions will follow a format of having a re-cap from the previous week and encourage reflections to talk over individual thoughts & feelings. Then the practical football coaching sessions will focus on fun, team-building exercises to help improve general health and fitness and will each week link specifically to the workshop theme of the week, to further reinforce learning objectives as well as encourage conversations to support and improve mental health and group cohesion.

Thank you for your support of the Street Soccer Foundation and our national Street Soccer Academy.

Together, Changing Lives through Football.