The Big Goal
Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament format is 5 v 5
  • Squad numbers must be a minimum of 5; maximum of 10 players
  • All matches will be 7-minute halves with a 2-minute break at Half-Time
  • Teams will change ends at Half Time
  • Teams may operate unlimited roll-on, roll-off substitutions during matches
  • All players on the field must wear shin pads
  • No studs or blades are to be worn. Only trainers or moulded boots are permitted
  • Kick-Off is determined by a coin-toss or equivalent to determine which team kicks-off
  • Kick-Off must begin with a pass-back to a team player. This can be straight to the goalkeeper
  • The ball is permitted at any height during play
  • All throw-ins must be roll-on
  • All corners must be kicked
  • Players can enter the penalty area
  • Goalkeepers can leave the penalty area
  • Players issued with a yellow card will be suspended for 2 minutes
  • Players issued with a red card are permanently suspended from play for that fixture
  • Teams will compete in groups, playing every other team in the group once
  • The winners (and as applicable the best runners up) from each group will qualify for the Knock-Outs, which will be straight to the Semi-Finals
  • During the Regional Finals, all those teams that successfully reach the Semi-Finals stage, will automatically qualify to play in the National Finals
  • All matches played will operate a points system: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw
  • Where teams are tied on points after all Group matches, Goal Difference (GD) will support the team to qualify
  • If GD is tied, goals scored for will be counted in support of the team to qualify
  • The Referee decision is final in all circumstances and should be respected at all times

Match Officials

  • The Referee’s decision in all matters concerning points of play shall be final and binding
  • Referees will assess all teams throughout the tournament for The Fair Play Award
  • Please respect the referees throughout at all times and in all circumstances.


  • Code of Conduct – must be adhered to
  • Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated
  • If you are aware of an incident – please ensure that you report this to a member of the SSF staff. Event Safeguarding Officer and Event Leads on site will then be notified
  • If an incident does occur, the focus will be on the welfare of those involved.


  • Where this is a kit clash the second team will be provided with bibs
  • Media/filming will take place during the tournament event offering participant interview opportunities
  • Closed event with security on site
  • Prizes will be formally presented to the Winners, Runners Up and Fair Play Award Winners. Individual prizes will also be formally presented to the Golden Boot Winner and Golden Gloves Winner. These presentations will take place pitch-side. Match officials will choose the team to receive the Fair Play Award and will make the decision based on the Code of Conduct for participants
  • The winning team and Fair Play Award winners may be asked to complete post-match interviews
  • If you are socially sharing updates during and/or throughout the tournament, please include #TheBigGoal
  • Photography will take place throughout the event
  • All participants and supporters are permitted to take photos during the event
  • It should be noted that selected spectators may be in attendance during the tournament. These will be known to the SSF and invited guests, as current supporters, partners or sponsors of either the national Street Soccer Academy programme and/or The Big Goal.
  • Official Fixtures and Match Schedule will follow separately.


We want everyone taking part to enjoy themselves, to be safe and to feel welcome. We ask that you represent your company well by:

  • Celebrating difference, helping everyone feel included and by being kind
  • Supporting and encouraging each other
  • Respecting others including your team, other teams, staff, officials and guests
  • Playing within the rules and respecting the decisions of the officials
  • Using language which is OK with everyone
  • Listening to and following instructions
  • Staying safe and talking to a trusted adult if you are worried about anything or anyone
  • Staying where you are meant to be at all times and not leaving the site until/unless you are asked to do so.


Supporting staff are expected to:

  • Be familiar with all information provided by the SSF prior to the event
  • Adhere to the safeguarding measures in place
  • Give full attention to instructions, safety briefings and safety/risk management arrangements
  • Respect the differences between everyone at the event and challenge discrimination
  • Demonstrate high standards of propriety and behaviour, maintaining professional boundaries at all times. All interactions with anyone should be positive
  • Respect all participants, fellow supporters, and event staff as well as match officials and their decisions
  • Remain alcohol free and do no smoke or vape in front of participants or within the event venue.

Breaches of these Codes of Conduct

The SSF reserves the right to determine appropriate action for breaches of these codes of conduct. This may include being asked to leave the tournament and being excluded from future events.

Key Contacts

Keith Mabbutt


07790 570 766

Jen Francis

Event Lead

07747 482 934

Kay Skelton


07429 337 994