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You can access the full list of tournament rules HERE

Your team are welcome to bring additional support to cheer you on, up to a maximum of 10 people in addition to your playing team. If you do wish to bring supporters you must notify the Street Soccer Foundation of all the names in your anticipated party before the event.

All teams are asked to arrive to the playing venue promptly on time, at least 15 mins before the team briefing. On arrival your team (and supporters) will be greeted by our registration desk, and following, your playing team will be able to get changed and warm up. There will then be a tournament briefing shortly before the tournament KO.

All teams need to provide their own playing kit (which can also be purchased directly through The Big Goal website). Playing kits should consist of a playing shirt, shorts and socks for all participating players. Where team colours clash, we will provide a set of bibs for one team.

Food and refreshments will be provided during the tournament events but strictly for all players in the tournament. Supporters are politely asked to bring their own food and refreshments. All players are further encouraged to bring additional refreshments where possible in case of warm weather.